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A-3 Upper and Lower Model Jaws

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The A-3 series is designed to be robust and long lasting. The morphology of the teeth tends to be simple. The base is made of long-wearing hard plastic.

The perfect occlusion is completed by contact areas, approximal contacts, interdental spaces and realistic intercuspidation of the teeth.The teeth are retained in the models with screws. Thus, although featuring physiological mobility, the teeth are retained securely during exercises involving exertion of tension and pressure (rubber dams, interdental wedges, impression taking). Any undesired replacement of teeth is avoided.
Dental Models with permanent dentition: Models made of hard frasaco plastic. Upper and lower jaws are occluding in a stable intercuspidation.  Incl. 32 screw-in teeth (A-3 Z) in hard thermosetting material and mounting thread for frasaco phantom heads.

Occlusal anatomy between prosthetic teeth and natural teeth.

  • Anterior relationship: minimum vertical overbite, slight canine guidance, dependant upon the inclination of the effective condylar paths
  • Premolar to first molar region: tooth relationship = 1 : 2
  • Second and third molar region: tooth relationship = 1 : 1
  • Gingivae: Hard gingiva modellation. Used mainly in pre-clinical, prosthetic propaedeutic courses and in dental techniques.


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